Air quality is ‘improving,’ environmental scientist tells Shale Insight

Joe Massaro

Don’t let the news fool you: Air quality is improving, an environmental specialist said during a Shale Insight panel today.

“The vast majority of air quality violations are paperwork-related,” said Jim Cooper of Chesapeake Energy Corp., “and not an exceedance of emissions limits.”

Cooper spoke during a panel discussion about air compliance regulations along with environmental attorney Meredith Graham, who said the public is taking a general interest in air quality issues, in addition to water quality issues.

Allegations of poor air quality are easier to make than water quality ones, Graham said. “Absent a spill, the public cannot see air quality pollution. Air is ubiquitous — it’s everywhere.”

Ensuring great air quality is done in part with data. Kristin Ryan, Rice Energy’s emissions permitting coordinator, said the company’s technicians use advanced technology, including GPS and aerial photography, to record and report emissions in the most accurate way.

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Joe Massaro

Joe Massaro is based in Bravo Group's Pittsburgh office and has deep energy industry expertise. He previously served as the field director for a Pennsylvania-based oil and gas industry grassroots PR firm.

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