Shale Insight turns attention to environment

Joe Massaro

Environmental issues came to the forefront at Shale Insight through panels and vendor booths.

Beth Powell, New Pig Energy vice president and general manager, spoke with The Stream at the vendor booths about the company’s secondary containment system.

The system protects the environment in case of a spill, so “if anything goes wrong, it stays on the surface. It doesn’t hit the soil or the waterways.”




A panel discussion about endangered species included officials from the public and private sectors. Randy Wilgis, executive vice president of strategic solutions for Resource Environmental Solutions, discussed the importance of making conservation cost-effective but impactful.

“Meaningful conservation outcomes enhance a company’s social license to operate,” he said.

Pam Shellenberger, a biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, said the agency is conducting a 12-month assessment on pollinator species, such as the yellow-banded bumblebee and monarch butterfly. She also highlighted efforts to protect bat habitats.

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Joe Massaro

Joe Massaro is based in Bravo Group's Pittsburgh office and has deep energy industry expertise. He previously served as the field director for a Pennsylvania-based oil and gas industry grassroots PR firm.

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