Top 10 quotes from Shale Insight leaders and attendees

Joe Massaro

There was plenty to see and hear at this year’s Shale Insight conference. Here are The Stream Team’s 10 favorite quotes from the event:

1. “We came out of the Great Recession blessed by Marcellus Shale.”
— Kevin Sunday, director of government affairs for the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry



2. “Natural gas is good for manufacturing. It’s good for jobs. It’s a no-brainer.”
Sean Spicer, former White House press secretary



3. “This is going to be the beginning of an incredible economic boom. This is going to happen, and it’s happening today.”
Morgan O’Brien, People’s Natural Gas president and CEO, on natural gas development 




4. “Make no mistake: The supply of ethane will be a strong catalyst to making sure the manufacturing resurgence happens here.”
— Pa. state Rep. Jim Christiana on the Shell Chemical Appalachia ethane cracker plant in Beaver County


5. “The natural gas industry is the development of natural resources. The American workforce is a valuable natural resource.”
— U.S. Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta



6. “I would encourage anybody, if you can, to take a tour, to see what’s really going on. Don’t believe the mass propaganda.”
— Pa. state Rep. Jason Ortitay, on environmental issues



7. “The gas we’re developing right here in the Appalachian basin is leading to lower energy prices for consumers across the country.”
Sarah Battisti, Southwestern Energy vice president of government and community affairs



8. “It’s where it’s happening in Pennsylvania. … I’m thrilled we get to come back and be as strong as we have been in the past in the industry.”
Dr. Karen Anne Riley, Williams, on why she attended Shale Insight



9. “We have to do a better job evangelizing the good jobs that we do out there.”
Steve Morgan, CEGEN Green Energy



10. “We’ve had hundreds of thousands of jobs already created by the shale gas revolution.”
— Dean Cordle, AC&S Inc. president and CEO


Joe Massaro

Joe Massaro is based in Bravo Group's Pittsburgh office and has deep energy industry expertise. He previously served as the field director for a Pennsylvania-based oil and gas industry grassroots PR firm.

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