Stream’s themes: Petrochemicals and more November news highlights

Joe Massaro

The Stream Themes: Natural gas updates for November.

Upstream and midstream developments have boosted Pennsylvania’s national energy standing. Now, the time has come for the state to conquer the downstream sector. The Shell Chemicals ethane cracker plant helps accomplish that. The plant is a $6 billion investment for the state. But it’s also the beginning of a petrochemical revolution in the commonwealth.

That was the impetus behind a March 2017 study conducted by IHS Markit, a leading market research firm. The study was sponsored by Team Pennsylvania, a nonprofit partnership between the private and public sectors supporting education and economic development.

“One petrochemical facility in the form of Shell is great, but we think there is opportunity for much more here in Pennsylvania,” Team Pennsylvania President and CEO Ryan Unger told The Stream during a wide-ranging interview in November.

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Natural gas pipeline inspection dogs make a ‘ruff’ job easier:  These days, even dogs are finding natural gas-related jobs.

Canine pipeline inspections offer an alternative to traditional inspection methods, Susan Hagberg, president of CDIS K9 Pipeline Leak Inspection in Chicago Ridge, Illinois, told The Stream.

“It’s an environmentally friendly, cost-effective approach,” Hagberg said. “We quickly find the leak and save [the pipeline owner] money, all by using a trained dog.”

Shale spotlight: Natural gas in the news

Here’s a look at key energy headlines from November.

The Stream: What’s in the pipeline

Coming up in December, we’ll explore programs that make it more affordable to heat your home this winter. We’ll also identify some trends to look for in the energy industry as we head into the new year.

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Joe Massaro

Joe Massaro is based in Bravo Group's Pittsburgh office and has deep energy industry expertise. He previously served as the field director for a Pennsylvania-based oil and gas industry grassroots PR firm.

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